Schlagwort: technology

Adrian Wachholz

Adrian Wachholz arbeitet seit 3.5 Jahren bei der ABB Schweiz AG, aktuell in der Position Head of eMobility Market Switzerland. Er ist durch sein Masterstudium an der ETH Zürich Experte für «Simulation of a composite extrusion process».

Bertrand Späth

Bertrand Späth, Co-Founder and Responsible for Sales & Business Development. Kizy tracking is a soution to track and monitor goods around the world. Thanks to cell phone technology and WiFi, it is truly global, works even inside buildings and containers, uses 100 times les energy than GPS, has a minimal form factor and is up to 10 times cheaper than similar other solutions on the market. Since 2018, Kizy is part of the Spectos Group, a German-based company with focus on quality solutions for postal and supply chains.  

Bertrand co-founded the company back in 2014 and led different roles, including Sales & Business Development, fundraising and operations. Before that, he worked as country manager for TomTom telematics and had different roles among the Swisscom group.

Christoph Loy

Seit September 2018 ist Christoph Loy bei Burckhardt Compression als Supply Chain Project Manager tätig. Er hat seinen Master in Management, Technology & Economics an der ETH absolviert.